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ASI-2018 Parallel Sessions: Friday, 9 February, 2018

Total time for Invited talks - 30m, Contributed talks - 15m

(PGRRCDE: Prof. G. Ram Reddy Centre for Distance Education, S: Second floor)

Friday, 9 February, 2018
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Venue: PGRRCDE (Room no: S1)
Sun and the Solar System II  [Chairperson: Abhishek Srivastava]
Speaker Title Time in Minutes
Aveek Sarkar
Numerical Simulation of active region MHD oscillations and coronal loop implosion 15
Dattaraj Dhuri Prediction of solar flares from photospheric magnetic field using machine learning 15
Jishnu Bhattacharya Iterative inversion of synthetic travel times successful at recovering sub-surface profiles of supergranular flows 15
Nishtha Sachdeva Proxies for CME acceleration 15
K Sasikumar Raja
Turbulent density fluctuations and proton heating rate in the solar wind from $9-20~R_{odot}$ 15
Debi Prasad Choudhary Flows along Super-Penumbral Fibrils of Sunspots 15


Friday, 9 February, 2018
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Venue: PGRRCDE (Room no: S3)
Extragalactic Astronomy V  [Chairperson: Dharam Vir Lal]
Speaker Title Time in Minutes
Smriti Mahajan Blue spheroids: progenitors of spirals or passive ellipticals? 15
Kshitija Kelkar Evolving galaxies in evolving environments 15
Kameswara Bharadwaj Mantha A Tale of Two Galaxy Merger Identification Techniques: Empirical and Theoretical Investigation of Close-Pairs and Tidal Features 15
Rubinur Khatun Understanding the galaxy merger system with EVLA and UVIT 15
Niladri Paul Halo model of HI galaxies and their scaling relations 15
Arun Kumar Diwakar Very flat triaxial mass models of elliptical galaxies 15


Friday, 9 February, 2018
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Venue: PGRRCDE (Room no: S11)
General Relativity and Cosmology III  [Chairperson: Tuhin Ghosh]
Speaker Title Time in Minutes
Shilpa Kastha Parametrized test of post-Newtonian multipolar structure of compact binary merger 15
Mandar Patil Can we use gravity to produce ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos ? 15
Shantanu Desai Limit on graviton mass from galaxy cluster Abell 1689 15
Shabbir Shaikh Bayesian analysis of hemispherical asymmetry observed in CMB 15
Vipin Sudevan A Measurement of CMB Angular Power Spectrum from Planck & Wmap Observations 15



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